Reasonable in price. Cars and motor vehicles can drive on it. It is a great choice for work areas (e.g. sheds/garage bases, dog kennels). It is durable and it requires very low maintenance (no weeding necessary). Not aesthetically pleasing, but fulfills the purpose. It is hard to remove (e.g. should you need to access to the services underneath). The appearance can be improved with kerbing and imprinting. A good drainage system is important to prevent problems with water stagnation.

Imprinted Concrete

The driveway or patio is concreted and then imprinted with a brick effect. Often used in commercial spaces. Imprinted concrete has the same characteristics as plain concrete (durable, weed free, driveable) with an improved appearance. Not popular for its unpredictability: the colour of the dye will depend on the weather, brand chosen and method used. While the imprinted shape will maintain over time, the dye will fade. Not easy to access underground services. It requires a lot of maintenance, as it has to be sealed every 12 months to maintain the colour.